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Pubblicato in data: 27 gen 2023
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Our project, titled 'From Screen to Speech, English We Reach' centers on the theme of utilizing movies to enhance English language proficiency. The primary objective of this initiative is to elevate students' language skills through the engaging and collaborative realm of film-based learning.

In today's digital era, our virtual world is an inseparable part of our lives. By leveraging the power of cinema, we aim to transform students' movie-watching experiences into dynamic language-learning opportunities. Our diverse group of students from various cities and countries will fully embrace the idea of 'From Screen to Speech.' In doing so, we enable them to refine their English skills and apply this learning to real-life situations while enjoying the process.


Through this project, our students will:

Engage: Immerse themselves in English through film, sharpening their listening and comprehension abilities.

Express: Enhance their communication skills, both in writing and speaking, by discussing and presenting about the films.

Connect Foster cross-cultural connections and unity among students from different backgrounds.

Empower: Gain the confidence to communicate effectively and creatively, breaking language barriers.

By combining the universal appeal of movies with language learning, we intend to bridge the gap between screens and speech. Our students will harness the English language effectively, seamlessly integrating it into their lives, and paving the way for improved communication. This project enhances language proficiency, nurtures a deeper appreciation for film, and fosters international collaboration."







In this project our students will use English in practice more often when they're communicating with peers. They will improve their writing skills via preparing monthly magazine and short stories. Also they will improve their vocabulary via games. Moreover they will make practice while translating and singing songs. They will be happy to be part of cross-cultural activities.